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I can hardly believe that we are ringing in 2017! It seems like yesterday, we were at First Night saying hello to 2016, counting down to midnight and the launch of our first issue. We have had so much fun this year. Thank you for being a part! Happy Anniversary to Social Butterfly Magazine!

We aren’t the only ones looking back at a very fulfilling year and at the same time ahead at new opportunities. We had the pleasure of celebrating with Elena Laquatra, Miss Pennsylvania USA 2016 at Social Butterfly Magazine Fashion Week Downtown in September, and were thrilled when she stopped by the cocoon to talk to us for Social Soles. Elena recently passed on the crown and is approaching 2017 with optimism and excitement as she plans the next chapter in her fairytale life.

Speaking of fashion, check out our Fun, Fashion, and Food (FFF) and eat for your future! Almost every culture around the globe has food that it believes can bring good luck and fortune in the new year. Read on to find out what should be on your plate! While you are there, check out the fashion! It’s our Happy New Year 2017 Merch Line: As the striking of Midnight Begins, Happy New Year, Yinz!

We didn’t stop at FFF with fashion advice. Check out our Socially Acceptable Quick Reference Trend Report. You will know which styles to say goodbye to, and which to welcome with a hello. The forecast is calling for comfort while keeping it classy!

Find some guidance sticking to those resolutions in Social Psychology. Whether you agree with making them, or stand firm that they set you up for failure, there are sure ways to make them work, if that is your plan!

We welcomed Urban Tap (East End), Knob Hall Winery, Trusst Lingerie, and Café Carnegie to our Social Circle this month. Stop by, give them a warm welcome, and wish them much success in the new year!

Pittsburgh is very festive in our Social Seen this month. Look back with us at the season. If it wasn’t a holiday event, it was all about giving, which to us is what this time of year is all about: Phipps Days of Snow and Nights Aglow, Carnegie Trees & Presepio, PBT The Nutcracker Dress Rehearsal,. Nationality Rooms Open House, Pittsburgh Mercy 13th Annual Reindeer Ball, Science Center 21+ Holiday Party, Fashion Alley, PirateFest!, Brunch with Santa, Winter Fridays at the Frick, and Kennywood Holiday Lights.

Look ahead in Social Expectations at what we already have planned. We look forward to 2017 and having more fun with you. We will continue to fill ourSocial Calendar of Events to be the most extensive, so you can plan your days and nights, and our 14 Special Social Calendars for your theme to celebrate or commemorate.

We have several additions for our YouTube Channel and plans to revamp our other platforms to have even more fun with staff, friends, and neighbors. Don’t miss a minute! Social with us daily…

To (y)our fresh start ahead…




Urban TapUrban-Tap-2

216 Highland Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15206



They are known on the South Side, but now we are lucky enough to have them in the East End too! The Urban Tap gastropub and draft house features one of Pittsburgh’s premier - from scratch - kitchens. With over 140 drafts between, now - two centrally located restaurants. The menu is comprised of creative plates, turning traditional American fare on its head, with the ambiance of the coolest metropolitan gastropub. Check out their new space!


Knob HallKnobHallWinery-8 Winery

5884 Ellsworth Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15232


KnobHallWinery-59SBM welcomed Knob Hall Winery to Our Social Circle, just in time for the holidays. Knob Hall’s favorite saying is "Love the wine you’re with." No gimmicks and no snobbery.

The winery grows their grapes exclusively in Clear Spring, MD. The small family business headed up by a small group of determined and passionate individuals has grown in to your small hometown spot to enjoy great wine, music and conversation. They grow in the Cumberland AVA- a small stretch of land with rich limestone soil which renders an amazing grape that specializes in dry wine.


Trusst LingerieTrusst-Lingerie-23-Edit

5125 Penn Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15224


Trusst-Lingerie-18The motto at Trusst Lingerie is: As women, we believe it is important to support each other.

What if there was a bra that could actually support you? And better yet - what if it could empower you to feel more beautiful and confident in your own skin? With these questions in mind, Trusst Lingerie embarked on a quest to support the world's favorite assets and revolutionize the lingerie industry for fuller-busted women.

Every Trusst bra is designed and engineered by a team of women who understand the ins and outs of living life with a fuller bust. Founders Sophia Berman and Laura West say: from discomfort and ill fit to the occasional underwire mishap, they’ve seen it all. Their collective experiences, along with those of the hundreds of women who have shared their stories, have helped inform and inspire each step in the design process.


The Café Carnegie

4400 Forbes Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15213


The Carnegie Museum of Art in Oakland is one of the city’s cultural destinations, and now its restaurant, The Café’ Carnegie, is a hot stop itself! The space has been reimagined from its previous, offering a more vibrant surrounding. The new space offers a walk up espresso and wine bar, too!

Chefs Sonja Finn and Becca Hegarty, of Dinette in the East End, offer both light and hearty meal choices, as well as a kids menu, with plans for expansion to include brunch in the coming new year, and an evening menu for days with extended museum hours. The Café will host its Grand opening in January, and will be open daily with the museums with separate hours for the walk up bars. Don’t forget to mark your calendars to remind you to check them out…


The New Year brings Hellos and Goodbyes.
This Quick Reference will help you know which is coming and which is going!


Hello, 17!

DO: Stripes! A classic… stripes have been on trend for a few seasons now, but still feel fresh. They will continue to be present in seventeen.

DO: Sneakers! Versatile… fashionistas and fashionisters collect them! No Plain Janes though, for the fresh year. Go for the print, texture, color,… to dress up or down any outfit.

DO: Art Inspired Pieces! Creative… paint splatter, print, patterns, art graphic and seen on the runways - Roksanda and Céline, J.W.Anderson, Proenza Schouler, Marni, Valentino, and others... be seen in yours!

DO: Athletic Inspired “Dress”! Easy but Elegant… ready-to-wear and influenced by comfort pieces - dress up those joggers with heels and a blouse, or buy a pair already jazzed with a flashy stripe, how about a hoodie dress?… Be comfortably beautiful!

DO: The Mule! Beautiful Ease… Just slip them on! Velvet, canvas, satin, sparkle, sequin,… Flat, heeled, athletic, It’s ALL good! They were here in 16, and they aren’t leaving for 17!

GoodBye, 16!

(These are so OUT – We will NOT display photos!)

DON’T: Corsets! Waiting to Exhale… Now women can breathe again! Everyone likes the IDEA of corsets, but let’s get real – Uhm…

DON’T: Skinny Jeans! Don’t Fret – yet… Everyone knows: Denim is classic, it’s not going anywhere. BUT, the silhouettes shift. In 17, we will see more mix and match denim in retro styles.

DON’T: Romantic Trends! Go back to (the) Bed (room)… in the new year the “lingerie look” morphs into a stronger translation. Hemlines are sharper and bodices are stronger, and more ready to wear.

DON’T: Super High Heels! As lower heels step up, something’s gotta go… Women are looking for comfortable style, and heels that are four inches and higher don’t fit that description. Low block heels, mules, and sneakers vamped up, yes please!

DON’T: White Sneakers! Bor-ing… If women are going to wear sneakers with dressier outfits, they CAN NOT be plain white!

socialsoles_headingInterviewed by Kiley Fischer
with Introduction by Faith Bennett

The Social Soles interview series is based on the saying, “You don’t really know someone until you have walked in her shoes.” We thought it would be interesting to begin each interview asking our guest to bring a pair of shoes that are significant to her. They can be the little ones she wore her first time performing on stage; The ones she wore the day she received her hearing back after an illness tried to steal it away; The heels she wore when she won The Miss Pennsylvania Teen title; The pair she wore the first time ON AIR reporting; Those she wore when she won The Miss Pennsylvania USA title; The set she was wearing when she passed the title on; A pair we would have never guessed...What shoes will she bring?

We associate shoes with memories: good and bad. The question steers the path of the conversation. This route will show us a side usually not seen in the one we are talking with. A more personal side. We are excited to see in which direction we are lead – by the choice in footwear and the memories stirred. Come. Let’s take a confidently beautiful walk…

January is a month of fresh starts and new beginnings. The month feels like another chapter, full of anticipation of - what will this new year hold? This month we asked Elena LaQuatra to join us for a stroll. Memory lane was good to her, and we know she is already planning the road ahead. We had the pleasure of spending time with her back in September (the OTHER new year when you live in a college town!) when she emceed Social Butterfly Magazine Fashion Week Downtown. She is beautiful both inside and out, and her energy is so upbeat, it’s contagious. What better vibe to start the new year off with and who better to bring it?!

Social Butterfly Magazine: We’re so excited to get to spend more time with you! Tell me about the shoes that you brought?

Elena:I brought my Chinese Laundry Tippy Top nude heels size 9. They’re very symbolic to me because they’re my pageant shoes. I bought them for the Miss Pennsylvania USA pageant which I competed in almost exactly a year ago. I won the title of Miss Pennsylvania USA in them and they made their way with me to Las Vegas to compete at Miss USA. Throughout the year, I’ve worn them for various charitable events, photo shoots, every time I practice walking, the modeling routines I was doing on stage at both Miss Pennsylvania and Miss USA, so they’re very important shoes to me. I wear them all the time.

Winning was really an overwhelming feeling. I was proud of myself, honored to have the title. I had about 80 people in the audience cheering for me: friends, family – I have a huge family, my coworkers, just a huge, huge crowd of people. Hearing them screaming, my parents were crying, I was crying, it was a very overwhelming feeling.

SBM: You’ve worn them throughout the year, did you wear them when you gave up the title or did you wear a different pair?

Elena: Nope, I wore this pair. I did get a new pair when I went to Miss USA because Chinese Laundry is the official shoe sponsor so they gave us a new pair, but I was like, “Nope, these are my lucky shoes.” I have the ones they gave me at Miss USA crisp and clean in the box still.

SBM: That had to have been a whole other set of emotions then, wearing them this year.

Elena: Yes. (nods) Yes. This year, giving up the title was kind of like my last time wearing them on stage as Miss Pennsylvania USA, so it was definitely emotional. I cried during my farewell speech. It was such a fulfilling year. I did everything I could have imagined, everything I wanted to do. I traveled – I put tens of thousands of miles on a brand new leased car - I flew all over the country and it really hasn’t stopped.

One thing that has been nice is even though I gave up the title to the new girl – her name is Cassandra Angst – all of the opportunities are still kind of presenting themselves. I’m still doing a lot of charitable work, fundraisers, photo shoots, just as Elena LaQuatra.

SBM: So it really is like you have all of this momentum rolling into the new year and new experiences.

Elena: That’s exactly it. Everyone’s like, “What’s next? What’s next?” and I’m like, “Well, this chapter really hasn’t ended quite yet because I’m still doing so many things that started while I was Miss Pennsylvania USA.

(Elena explained that the day after her visit to The Cocoon, she was hopping on a plane to Sacramento to speak at Children’s Choice for Hearing and Talking’s annual fundraiser. At age 4, Elena lost her hearing due to bacterial meningitis and had to learn to speak and hear with a cochlear implant. Elena also has sponsorship opportunities around the area.)

SBM: You’ll always be Miss Pennsylvania USA 2016, but looking at 2017, what kind of things are you looking forward to?

Elena: I currently work for WTAE which I love, and I definitely want to do something full time. My degree is in broadcast journalism so that may mean moving to a smaller market to pay my dues and then quickly make my way back to Pittsburgh. That’s my main priority once things slow down a little bit is finding a reporter position so I can hurry back to Pittsburgh.

I’d be kind of intimidated to immediately hop in here. Going live from a murder scene, you’re live reporting on a gruesome, violent murder. There’s ethical issues, legal issues. Pittsburgh’s a top 25 market and you can’t make those kind of big mistakes. I don’t mind paying my dues in a smaller market first.

SBM: How did you decide to get into reporting?

Elena:I was really set on being a doctor my entire life, a neonatologist specifically, and then I thought about how many years I would have to go to school to achieve that. Getting into pageants showed me how interested I was in the on-camera stuff. I was always good with the microphone and speaking. I met a lot of the anchors and reporters when I was Miss Teen Pennsylvania USA back years ago and they were all like, “You should get into broadcasting, you’d be really good.”

When I started studying this in school, I thought, “This is perfect, this is exactly what I want to do.”

SBM: You’re making all of these huge decisions, if your pageant shoes could say anything to you, what would they say?

Elena:I love this one. They would probably say, “What a year it has been.” All the cities, all the states, all the stages they’ve walked on. I think they’d have a lot of fun stories to tell because they’ve really been there with me through everything this past year. They’ve always been right there in my suitcase.

SBM: Even though your own shoes have amazing stories to tell, who else’s shoes would you want to walk in?

Elena: Quite a few people. There are so many people I’m interested in. Maria Menounos, I think she has a fantastic career as an entertainment reporter slash host, I would love to walk in her shoes. If moving to LA was something I could see myself doing, I would love to have a career like her.

Aside from that, pageant wise, Olivia Culpo. She went from Miss Rhode Island 2012, then won Miss USA, then Miss Universe, the only three pageants she’s ever competed in. Now she’s a campaign model for Kipling and CoverGirl. She just has the life. She’s young, too, younger than me. It would be fun to walk in her shoes as a pageant girl who really succeeded and won the highest, most prestigious title you can win and now has a successful career as a model and host. It would be nice to walk in her – very expensive – shoes.

(In chatting, Elena explained that a friend was performing in “Hairspray Live” that evening.)

SBM: That’s obviously a huge memory for her, what have been some of the biggest memories for you been?

Elena: Oh man, there’s so many. One of my most unique appearances was February 2, Groundhog Day in Punxsutawney. It was like nothing you could imagine. The people, how into it they are - it’s hard core. They had me host it to an extent at five in the morning in 10-degree weather. The national media was there – The Weather Channel, CNN – and I thought, “This is nuts.” So that’s probably the most unique. This is where the party is. It’s the most Pennsylvania thing.

As far as Miss USA goes, that was singing with the Backstreet Boys.

SBM: (This 90s-girl’s heart skips a beat) Whaaaat?!

Elena: Yeah! They chose five title holders out of all 52 of us, before the final show that was aired nationally on FOX, and said, “Girls, come with us, we’re gonna do a little video and edit it really fast to air it during the show.” We had no idea. They said, “We’re gonna have you lip synch one of the Backstreet Boys songs.” At our age, all the girls knew all the songs.

SBM: I’m internally screaming right now.

Elena: Exactly. We knew all the words. We’re singing along and then out of nowhere, they come out. They pop into the video and start singing to us and we’re all like (throws hands up and mock screams) freaking out. That was incredible. They were my crush growing up, Backstreet Boys posters all over my room. I was like, touching them and they’re like, “please stop touching us,” but I’m like, “I love you so much.” That was my favorite memory from Miss USA.

My favorite Pittsburgh appearance was probably at a Pirates game. It was in May, I was the fan of the game and I changed third base and went up to the ROOT Sports broadcasting booth and got to be on national TV. It was so cool. It was very Pittsburgh.

Of course all of the charitable work I’ve done and events I’ve emceed and schools I’ve visited. The kids I’ve met, they’re all so cute. They all follow me on social media. Every memory I cherish, I really do.

SBM: Talking about the kids that you see, what kind of advice would you have for them?

Elena: For Miss USA, there was no tolerance. When they say, “phones away,” it’s away. Not only just because it looks bad on you, but they’re looking at you saying, “You can’t be Miss USA if we can’t even tell you to put your phone away and it’s not away.”

Following rules, listening. Overall advice…one of the reasons I think I’ve been successful is because I tried to get involved in as many things as possible and I’ve always been that way. When I was really little, my mom had me in everything. Theater, singing, dancing, percussion ensemble, community events, modeling. At that point, I was listening and obeying my parents. I wasn’t one of those kids who after school said, “Okay, bye, I’m going to go play with my friends.” I was like, “okay, I have dance, and then percussion lessons, I’m going to an event with my mom.”

Listening is a good quality and talent to have. People will respect you if you can do that. As an adult, you don’t want to be dealing with kids that – I used to teach dance class. The kids that were like, (grabs hair) “Oh my God, stop,” were the kids that were like (waves hands in the air and makes funny sounds). It’s like “everybody, please pay attention.” It made it difficult.

My best advice would just be to get involved in as much as you can. That will make you disciplined and motivated, just being busy and needing to be on schedule. That’s how I run my life today, I’m like back to back to back and I love it.

Go to SBM’s You Tube Channel to see Elena emcee Social Butterfly Magazine Fashion Week Downtown!

For more of Elena LaQuatra, check her out on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

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Happy New Year


SBM New Year's
Collection 2017


Lucky New Year’s Eats Feasting to your Future!


Fashion: 1. Happy New Year Yinz Men's Hoodie 2. 2017 NYE Party Sunglasses 3. SBM 2017 Embroidered Men's Hat 4. SBM 2017 Embroidered Women's Hat 5. Happy New Year Yinz Women's Hoodie Dress 6. SBM 2017 Leggings 7. 2017 NYE Kids Party Sunglasses 8. Fashionister Jr. 2017 Toddler Hoodie 9. Fashionista Mini 2017 Toddler Hoodie 10. Fashionista Mini 2017 Baby Beanie 11. Fashionista Mini 2017 Tutu Baby Bodysuit 12. Fashionister Jr. 2017 Onsie Baby Bodysuit 13. Fashionister Jr. 2017 Baby Beanie 14. Social Animal 2017 Pet Tank Top
For more details on all apparel and accessories listed above Click Here!



In Spain and Portugal, and many parts of Central and South America, the New Year is rung in by eating 12 grapes at midnight. Each grape represents a number on the clock or a month of the year. Sometimes the grapes are thought to be fortune telling. For example, If the fifth grape that is eaten is sour, May could be a troubling month. The last grape should be consumed before the last stroke of midnight. Some cultures eat a 13th grape for extra luck.

Many cultures around the world cook leafy greens like cabbage, collards, kale, and chard for the New Year because the green leaves resemble money. Eating them is supposed to bring economic fortune. The more greens that are eaten, the better your chance at wealth in the new year. In the north eastern United States, Cabbage is eaten as Sauerkraut, and in the south eastern states, collard greens are a favorite.

Not all legumes are beans, but legumes including beans, peas, and lentils symbolize coin money. They are also believed to influence fortune, because when they are cooked, they swell and become larger, just as is the hope of the bank accounts for the coming year. In the southern United States, black eyed peas are a tradition, dating back to Civil War times, when the protein provided energy. In Italy, it’s tradition to eat sausage and green lentils, just after midnight, for a double dose of fortune, because pork is a lucky food too! In Germany, it’s split pea or lentil soup with pork. In Brazil: lentil soup, and in Japan, a group of dishes is eaten over the course of the first three days of the new year, including sweet black beans.

Pigs symbolize progress, in that the animal walks, pushing forward, rooting itself in the ground before it proceeds. The fat of the meat signifies wealth, prosperity, and excess. In Cuba, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, and Austria, entire pigs are roasted. Pig's feet are the choice in Sweden, while Germans feast on pork roasts and sausages. For those who do not eat meat, peppermint candy pigs are also eaten for symbolism.

Fish is believed to be a popular choice for New Year’s feasting for several reasons. Cod, for instance could be preserved before modern refrigeration and shipping, allowing it to reach farther than other foods. Another reason could be religious policies against consumption of red meat. The Danish prefer boiled cod, while in Italy, dried salt cod is the choice. Herring is the tradition in Poland and Germany, where a tradition of placing fish scales in wallets for good luck is also practiced. In Sweden, the New Year meal offers a variety of fish dishes. In Japan, different types of seafood hold different meaning. Herring for fertility, shrimp for long life, and dried sardines for good harvest.

Round or ring-shaped items are popular traditions for New Year Sweets. In Italy, they serve honey-dripping, fried, pasta dough balls powdered with sugar called chiacchiere. In Poland, Hungary, and the Netherlands they eat donuts. In Holland the pastries are filled with raisins, apples, and currants and are called ollie bollen. In some cultures, it's customary to hide a special coin inside the cake—the lucky one to receive a piece with the coin, will be lucky in the new year: in Mexico (called rosca de reyes) and Greece (called vasilopita). In Sweden and Norway they hide a whole almond in rice pudding—whoever gets it is guaranteed good fortune in the new year. In Scotland, "first footing," takes place. A tradition where the first person to enter a home in the new year determines the type of year the residents will have. The "first footer" often brings coal to keep the house warm or baked goods such as shortbread, oat cakes, and a fruit caked called black bun, to make sure the household always has food.



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Sunday, October 9, 2016 | Hotel Monaco | Downtown Pittsburgh, PA

Interviewed by Kiley Fischer

See more Photos from Fearless Warrior Yoga Conference in our Photo Vault!

In your profile for the conference, you say the idea for the conference manifested “after spending countless hours cheering on her yoga students as they bypassed their fears to go upside down.” What have you seen through at the conference itself that has given you that same sense of exhilaration?

The conference itself has taken it to this level I didn’t even know existed. I was at a workshop and I had gone through several years of figuring out what my career should be. My students were terrified of inversions and I loved being upside down. They were so scared and there was so much fear. I thought I’d do a workshop on inversions. A lightbulb went off – there’s fears surrounding so many things we do in life. I have friends who do things every day that would scare the sh*t out of everyone else, and for good reason. I thought, “These people deal with fear and how can they bypass those fears?”

(During the first Fearless Warrior Conference) I kind of sat back and watched and what I saw was people becoming a community and finding that the space was a completely safe area. There’s no judgement. People came in leggings with no makeup and their hair in buns. Guys came in workout clothes. People were completely supportive and talking and digging deep.

The point is to begin that exploration and look within ourselves and see what those fears are. For a lot of us, we don’t even know what we’re afraid of. Let’s see how we can move forward.

See more Photos from Fearless Warrior Yoga Conference in our Photo Vault!

Can you talk a little more about how fear is instrumental to success?

One of the mantras I saw years ago when I started teaching is “the magic happens outside of our comfort zone.” Our family, our job, the same sport we’ve been playing since we were young. Outside of that, where fear makes us super uncomfortable, is where amazing things start happening. We have to acknowledge that fear. That’s where we can really move the mountains we’re intended to in our lives. People stay with that 9 to 5 job, that relationship that they’re in, whatever has made them comfortable. Moving the fear out of the way and jumping on that train or that plane or out of that relationship, you taking that risk is really what will change our lives and inspire others around us.

What do you hope conference-goers get from their experience?

The people who are coming back, they’re going to see that the program has ramped up big time. It’s a totally different conference. Other than that, the mission is the same: safely exploring the energies that feed the fear in our lives using yoga, meditation and storytelling. People new to the conference will feel the effects of the conference for weeks on end. It won’t just disappear. Even if they walk away that day and think “I don’t really know what just happened” I’m sure they will find there’s something that will spark within them, even if it’s just connecting with other people. Connection and sharing is what I find to be one of the most pivotal things in life, especially the things that are hard to talk about. The candid, the raw, the gross. That’s what it’s about. Just being really raw.

See more Photos from Fearless Warrior Yoga Conference in our Photo Vault!

Why is it so important to remember that “you can always change your mind?”

We have our own mantras or meditations or mottos. We forget about it for a while and then it comes back. In this moment for me, that is the idea that we can do this perspective shift. That will show up for people in a variety of different ways. The biggest one is my baby, but I just moved again and had a little community where I was before. I thought, “Why aren’t people contacting me?”  It took me a couple of months, and something connected for me – she’s got stuff going on. So I changed my perspective and said, “I should reach out to her.” The question of how is a whole different ball game and I can’t even do it for myself all the time. You can be thinking one way but there’s a way to alter that.

Any plans for a 2017 Fearless Warrior Conference here in Pittsburgh or an expansion?

We’re really excited. We will be talking to the (Hotel Monaco) about having the 2017 conference in the same spot. We’re also working on expanding to different cities in the northeast. Our goal is to expand to the point that we are at multiple spots throughout the US and hold the conference the same weekend. That way our presenters are all local. The attendees are local. We are really supportive of the community. We don’t want to be competing with ourselves or other conferences. There’s so much talent and expert and knowledge in one city. We have amazing people in every city, there are people who have something to add. I want to be local. If you want to take a class with a presenter, you can say “I don’t need to travel,” because they’re available. 

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Brunch with Santa at the Nation Aviary



Holiday Dinner:

Hanukkah  |  Christmas  |  Kwanzaa | Orthodox Christmas


Holiday Cheer


Home Cooked, Family Style Holiday Dinner

Fashion: 1. Two Tone Shag Coat (6th and Lane) 2. Black Pleated Dress (6th and Lane) 3. Purple Men's Dress Shirt (Geoffrey Beene) 4. Stripes Tie (Geoffrey Beene) 5,6. Jewelry (Charming Charlie) 7. S) 8. Tall Faux Snake Skin Wedge Boots (6th and Lane)

Food: 1. Flaky Biscuits 2. Salad (Arugula, Heart of Palm, Avocados, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Toasted Pine Nuts, Lemon and Orange Dressing) 3. Holiday Table Setting 4. Whole Foods Prepared Selection: Roasted Chicken (Everyone in this Holiday House - except one - is vegetarian, so the meat was prepared outside of the home and brought in) 5. Poinsettia and Evergreen Centerpiece 6. Mama’s Sweet Potato Souffle’ (Recipe) 7. Augrauten Potatoes 8. French Cut Green Beans




Entree & Decor:


Side Dishes:


By Faith Bennett, Licensed Psychotherapist

Most resolutions are made with good intention and are for making improvement on: lifestyle, finances, health, family, relationships,.. Even still, making New Year resolutions is similar to planning for a baby’s arrival. The planning is exciting and everyone is pumped, and ready for the day to arrive. But once the day actually shows up, reality sets in and everyone realizes all the hard work and daily attention it will take to make things progress. Exciting – yes, but WORK!!!

Still determined to make a list and give it your all? Here are ten tips to give you a fighting chance, after all – the baby planners are offered lots of support classes!

Be reasonable - For example, proclaiming “I will NEVER eat my favorite dessert EVER again!” is just setting yourself up for slip ups and give ups. It would be more realistic to make your goal to eat that dessert less frequently.

Plan ahead - Planning in advance gives you time to map out best practices for how you will handle things “in the moment” when you are more likely to act on impulse. Advance planning can also help alleviate any last-minute decisions altogether, when your planning eliminates choice. For example, instead of waiting to see what snacks are offered at your work cafeteria, pack your meals and snacks!

Look to trusted family or friends for support - Being open with someone you trust can help hold you to your word. Finding a Resolution Buddy, like a Workout Buddy adds extra support.

Set up Short, Mid, and Long Term Goals – There are Dreamers and there are Planners. Both have something they want to attain. The Planner sets up a path for goal reaching. Be a planner! Having increments where progress is measurable, boosts morale. You can then use each milestone as motivation to get to the next…

Make a Progress report - Record every bit of progress. Setting up the Short, Mid and Long Term Goals is important, but keeping track of the progress along the way will motivate you to keep on going.

Make a pro and con List - Behavior happens because there is some reward. It is helpful then to understand both the pros and cons of your resolution, so you can better work with what seems like the down side of things. For example, if you are saving up money for a down payment on a house, a pro is that you will eventually be able to make the big purchase. A con may be that in the meantime, you may have to cut back on things you are used to purchasing.

Reward yourself – Treating yourself to small rewards can keep you inspired, as long as you remember not to use a reward that can throw you off track from your intended goal. For example, if you are working on improving your eating habits, rewarding yourself with something other than food, would be recommended.

Don’t push too hard – For example, if your goal is to eat healthier, and you slip up on breakfast, instead of throwing away the entire day, try to make better choices for lunch and then dinner, ... Take it meal by meal, snack by snack.

Stick to it – The longer you stick to something, the more it becomes a habit. Reminding yourself of this truth can hold you over a period when you feel less able.

Never give up - If February shows up, and you haven’t been able to mark much progress. Credit yourself for accomplishments made, and recommit yourself. If the goal you set up January 1 is that important to you, it will still be important on February 1!

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Bake Cookies Day | Contest & Special Day Announcement

Ugly Christmas Sweater Day | Contest & Special Day Announcement

Behind the Scene at Social Butterfly Magazine

Bark and Bowl 5.0 benefitting the National Canine Cancer Foundation

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1. Filter Fun! 2. Social Fur Sister Marsha Mellow watching Hairspray 3. Welcome to Our Social Circle - Knob Hall Winery 4. Social Soles Interview and Photoshoot with Miss Pennsylvania USA 2016 Elena LaQuatra 5. Social Sisters visit with Santa at Pittsburgh Mills Mall 6. Boomerang fun with Social Fur Sisters 7. Fashion Alley at Hollywood Lanes 8. Social Sisters Holiday Piano Recital

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Maple Syrup Day | Contest & Special Day Announcement


Waiting For Santa Fun, Fashion, & Fun Flatlay

Hard Candy Day | Contest & Special Day Announcement

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facebook-2 Ugly Christmas Sweater Day | Contest & Special Day Announcement


Social Fur Sisters' favorite Christmas Toys


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World Soil Day
World Soil Day

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On December 5, 2016 we gave away  1 $50 PF Changs gift card!

Ginger Bread House Day
Ginger Bread House Day

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On December 12, 2016 we gave away  1 $25 iTunes gift card!


Hard Candy Day

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  • Penguins on Parade
  • Orchid & Tropical Bonsai Show
  • City of Pittsburgh 30th Annual Mascot Skate
  • Bodiography's 15th Anniversary Red Carpet Roll Out
  • Naturalization Ceremony
  • NFL Play 60 Training camp
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  • Dr. Melita Viegas, MD, 
    Assistant Professor of Cardiothoracic Surgery, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine; Pediatric Cardiothoracic Surgery,
    Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC
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  • Winterfest Weekend
  • MAKEnight (21+): My Snarky Valentine
  • History Uncorked
  • 2017 Pittsburgh Heart Ball
  • NWHL All-Star Game
  • Vintage Valentines Workshop at Ace Hotel
  • South Side Soup Contest
  • 23rd Annual Mardi Gras Gala
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  • Groundhog Day
  • 10th Annual Cupids & Canines
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  • By Faith Bennett, Licensed Psychotherapist
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