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We have something for you to be thankful for this month!  We are offering you the first glance at our BRAND NEW WEBSITE.  Everything that you have come to love and enjoy served to you quick and easy just in time for Thanksgiving! 

You can still search for things to do with our Extensive Social Calendar of Events, plan your theme with our Special Social Calendars, check out our Social Seen Photo Vault, read about Pittsburgh newsmakers in Social Soles, style your time to remember with our Fun, Fashion, and Food,…. All from our Home Page with its new streamlined design. Enjoy!

We’ll give you a month or two to digest this goodness, and then we have more exciting news:  We are introducing two new publications to celebrate the New Year and they are PRINT!  Don’t worry, we will still offer digital versions for Mobile Ease and Social Sharing, the print editions will be “in addition to” – and we know you will want to get your hands on them!

Can you believe it’s already November? Check out our Social Seen, we had a little taste of a lot of happenings.  For Festivals: Thrival, Pittsburgh Taco Fest, Fort Ligonier Days, Jam on Walnut, Halloween Parties, … For Seasonal Fun: Kennywood Fright Nights, Jekkyl and Hyde PMT Opening, Animal Friend’s Muttster Mash, Zoo Boo, Phipps Fall Flower Show, … For Fund Raising: Lawrenceville House Tour, The Ellis School Centennial Gala, Girls on The Run Sneaker Bash, … And of course we themed our Fun, Fashion, and Food for the season too!

Pittsburgh is always evolving, and the change is GOOD! We welcomed Blaze Pizza, Milk Shake Factory, The Container Store, and Lily & Val to our Social Circle, stop in and see what they have added to our city!

In this month of Thanks and Giving, who better to talk to than Lisa Scales, CEO of The Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank.  Read her insightful interview in this month’s Social Soles.  She is the Real Deal when it comes to giving!

We kept things simple this month for Social Psychology.  We asked our staff what they were thankful for and how they like to give back.  See what made the Top Ten List for each.

Social with us daily online.  We have very active social media lives. Check in for Contest and Special Day Announcements, live streams, snaps, stories, Behind the Scene, and more…  See what’s coming up in December, and have your calendars ready to mark!

Remember Daylight Savings Time begins November 6th… Fall Back!

To (Y)our November being full of both Thanks and Giving…





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socialsoles_headingInterviewed by Kiley Fischer


The Social Soles interview series is based on the saying, “You don’t really know someone until you have walked in her shoes.” We thought it would be interesting to begin each interview asking our guest to bring a pair of shoes that are significant to her. They can be the pair she wore when she dreamed of playing pro baseball, those she wore her first day at her new job, her baby’s first pair, the ones she wears most often to the office…What shoes will she bring?

We associate shoes with memories: good and bad. The question steers the path of the conversation. This route will show us a side usually not seen in the one we are talking with. A more personal side. We are excited to see in which direction we are lead – by the choice in footwear and the memories stirred. Come. Let’s take a walk…

November is a time to gather together with friends and family – old and new – to share stories, food, and thanks for all around us. For many, however, there isn’t quite enough to go around and there are difficult decisions to be made. As we head into the holiday season, we knew we needed to talk to someone who has seen the faces of those struggles and heard their stories. We’re thrilled to have had the opportunity to talk to Lisa Scales, the Chief Executive Officer at the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank.

lisa_socialsoles_novSocial Butterfly Magazine: I love your shoes! Can you tell us about them?

Lisa: Oh my gosh. You can see they’re blue, they’re fun, they’re bright, but they’re also well-cushioned. These are shoes that I wear especially this time of the year approaching the holidays. We have special distributions that are associated with some of the professional sports teams and turkey distributions. You’re on your feet a lot and for a number of hours so it’s important to me when I’m there that I’m able to have the stamina and part of that is having comfortable shoes.

SBM: They’re so fun and you’re so vibrant. I feel like you have to be, to do something like this.

Lisa: And holidays are a time of celebration. I see a very bright future for the community, for the people we serve especially, for southwestern Pennsylvania. I’m very positive about that

SBM: I love it. How did you get involved with this?

Lisa: Oh gosh, that’s what I call a long story. It was happenstance. Many years ago, I’d say more than 20 years ago, I met the person who was the fundraiser for the food bank at the time at a mutual friend’s going-away party. I like to say the rest is history. Through that connection, I eventually found my way to the food bank and in a few weeks here I’ll be celebrating 20 years at the food bank. This is my fifth title; I started as a program supervisor. It’s an honor now to lead the organization. When I look at those shoes, they remind me of the people I meet.

SBM: If those shoes could talk, what would they say?

Lisa: I’ve met so many incredible people. I have the privilege as the leader of the organization to hear people’s stories. If these shoes could talk, they would tell the stories of the people I meet. They would share the struggles of thousands of families and thousands of people I’ve met who struggle every day with providing food for their family.

The shoes would also tell the story of the best that humanity has to offer: the generosity of our donors – food donors, monetary donors. The generosity of spirit and time our volunteers give. These shoes would tell stories from many different perspectives.

Because of the position I’m in, I interact with so many people. As hard as it is for me when I’m at a distribution to see the hundreds and hundreds of people who are struggling with hunger, I also see the joy in their face, their perseverance, sometimes the pain and the sadness in not being able to provide for their family. But I also see the volunteers. I see the athletes who are giving back and what it means to them.

People I meet will pull me aside. An event where we’re accepting a check from a car dealership is one example. I was accepting a check and afterwards the marketing person who had made the arrangements for me to be there, who was making sure everything was running smoothly, right before I left she pulled me aside and she talked about her childhood and growing up – her mother was a single mom growing up in Michigan, her family not having enough to eat.

SBM: You must have heard so many stories that have touched your heart.

Lisa: I have. I feel honored that people are sharing their stories with me. It’s a real privilege. Every story touches me in a different way. Some of the distributions in the last year or two, I’ve seen friends of mine in line for food and that personally touches me, knowing that friends of mine are in need. Two people were in line for food who had worked their whole lives in non-profits. They’re both retired now and they as seniors on fixed incomes, they were both there on the same day in line for food.

A friend of mine at one of the holiday distributions last year has really fallen on hard times and was there with her adult son. She’s a person I’ve known for probably more than 20 years and it was really hard to see her. Then I saw her a couple months ago at a different distribution.

SBM: That has to be incredibly tough. To see it so personally, not just people you don’t know.

Lisa: To know that we can do something to lessen people’s struggles, to provide some stability, for people not having to choose between buying food and paying the rent; buying food and paying their heating bill; buying food and paying for medicine. To know that we can make a difference and make people’s lives better, it’s fulfilling.

To see the 12-year-old boy come in with his mom and some of his friends and on a cart he has several bags of food that he collected at his birthday party instead of asking for gifts from his friends. He’s come in and he has that and brings it to us along with a small donation. To see the look in his eyes and the pride that he has in sharing this donation, kids helping kids, neighbors helping neighbors. That’s so much in the fabric of Pittsburgh, I think.

SBM: I just got goosebumps.

Lisa: I remember another boy from Little League. He actually made his own large cardboard check. He collected for every hit he got in his little league that summer and came in with his mom and little sister and presented the cardboard check to us. Kids recognize there’s a need and want to give back.

The mission of the food bank is a mission the whole community can embrace and in a hands-on way in terms of food drives, of distributing produce at one of our produce distributions, of coming here and repacking food. It’s an opportunity for everyone to contribute.

SBM: You do so much good in your own shoes. If you could walk in someone else’s shoes, whose would they be?

Lisa: (without a second thought) Roberto Clemente. We were fortunate to celebrate Roberto Clemente Day with the Pirates this year in a special way. The players and entire ball club came together to pack backpacks for kids on Roberto Clemente Day. On the following day, we had an event at [Pittsburgh] King [K-8] and the players were there, the managers were there, the executive staff of the Pirates were there, and Vera Clemente was there with their sons as a way to really commemorate his spirit and giving back.shoes_web

He was my idol growing up. He inspired me as a 12-year-old girl who wanted to be a professional baseball player, but also he inspired me in terms of his generosity and his community service that he provided and how he gave back and ultimately lost his life in the process of giving back. He was an inspiration to me as a young girl and I believe started me on the path.

His son spoke at the assembly at the school and talked about how one person can make a difference. Really his legacy does live on through us to give back every day.

SBM: I love how that idea really does seem, like you said, to be built into the fabric of Pittsburgh.

Lisa: I’d trade in these shoes for a pair of cleats any day if I could be a professional baseball player (laughs), but more so if I could walk in his shoes and his greatness as a role model to aspire to.

If you’re in need of help, or want to help others, the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank can be contacted by phone at
412-460-3663 or through email at


You can make a difference in the lives of others in the community by getting involved with the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank.

CEO Lisa Scales said that the opportunities are all around the community.

“You can donate, you can volunteer,” she said. “We say, ‘donate, volunteer, speak out.’ The advocacy work we do is critically important. We get funding from the state, the federal government, from the city and county government as well, so there’s many opportunities to get involved and raise awareness with your elected officials. In terms of food, we encourage people to operate a food drive.”

There are also organized events through the GPCFB coming up through the holidays.

The Fall Food Share is the region's seasonal food drive, operating in 10 counties across Western Pennsylvania and one county in West Virginia. The effort runs through November 23.

Shoppers at participating Giant Eagle locations can make a monetary donation at the register and all donations - monetary and food - stay in the county where the donation was made.

Nonperishable food items in boxes, cans or plastic can be donated. The highest need is for:

  • Diapers
  • Laundry detergent
  • Paper products
  • Pasta
  • Pasta sauce
  • Peanut butter
  • Dried or canned beans
  • Pouched or canned tuna
  • Rice
  • Instant mashed potatoes

Benefiting from the Fall Food Share are:

  • Allegheny County - Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank
  • Beaver County The Salvation Army - Beaver County
  • Butler County - Butler County Community Action
  • Erie County - Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest Pennsylvania
  • Fayette County - Fayette County Community Action Food Bank
  • Greene County - Corner Cupboard Food Bank, Inc.
  • Mercer County - Community Food Warehouse of Mercer County
  • Washington County - Greater Washington County Food Bank
  • Westmoreland County - Westmoreland County Food Bank
  • West Virginia - Mountaineer Food Bank

The GPCFB also runs the Holiday Market in Market Square, a European pop-up market that includes a diverse shopping experience and other holiday treats. Monetary and food donations to the GPCFB result in a free photo with Santa.

“Every dollar that’s donated we can provide five meals to the community,” said Public Relations Coordinator Beth Snyder. “That money can really make a huge impact.”

Snyder said other opportunities include the KD Turkey Fund and Family Volunteering Days.

For more information
on how you can get involved,
check out the GPCFB website.



Thanksgiving Day


Pocahontas Inspired


Mad Mex Seasonal Menu

Fashion: 1.“Vegetarian Pocahontas” Faux Suede Dress (6th and Lane) 2. “After Labor Day” Off White Denim Jacket (Old Navy) 3. “Gourd Green” Men’s Dress Shirt (Old Navy) 4. “Orange You Glad” Tie (Geoffrey Beene) 5. “Pumpkin Pie” Earrings (Charming Charlie) 6. “Veg Turkey Fingers” White Stack Rings (Charming Charlie) 7. “Warm Weather Pocahontas” Tie Up Sandal (6th and Lane) 8. “Cold Weather Pocahontas” Brown Booties (

Food: Mad Mex 1. Gobblerito: It’s a whole Thanksgiving Feast of House Roasted turkey, black bean mashed potatoes, corn, and bread stuffing – all crammed into a monstrous burrito and doused with enough gravy to put out a small fire! Served, of course with a side of cranberry sauce.  (Seasonal Menu Item) 2. Pumpkin Apple Margarita: Apple Cider and Pumpkin Puree. Frozen or on the rocks! 3. Fall Salad: Tender kale with roasted trio of Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and butternut squash, cherry tomatoes, Cotija cheese, avocado, pepitas, and quinoa – all tossed in lime-cilantro vinaigrette. 4. Butternut Squash Soup: Roasted butternut squash with mole poblano and coconut milk. Garnished with more roasted butternut and pepitas. 5. Fall Veggie Trio: Roasted Butternut Squash, Brussels sprouts, and Cauliflower.


Moana Movie Premier
Thanksgiving Day

Disney’s first Polynesian Princess Moana Waialiki


Hawaiian Inspired


Movie Snacks

Fashion: 1.“Polynesian Princess” Disney Cosplay Hawaiian Floral Print Dress (Hot Topic) 2. “Pumpkin Head” Hair Band (Claire’s Boutique) 3. “Nothing to Hide” Orange see through Back Pack (Claire’s Boutique) 4,5,6. “Beach Beauty” Fish Earrings, Starfish Ring, Shell Bracelet (Aeropostale) 7,8. “Zip it!” Choice of Black or Brown Sandals (Target)

Food: Movie Snacks 1. Thanksgiving Thumb Print Cookies 2. Scare Crow Water 3. Popcorn Ball



socialpsych-headingI am Thankful for:

(Office Top Ten Picks)
  1. Health
  2. Family/Friends
  3. Animals
  4. Safety/Home
  5. Talent
  6. Meaningful Employment
  7. Love
  8. Good Food
  9. Music
  10. Special Occasions

I like to Give Back by:

(Office Top Ten Picks)
  1. Donating Food
  2. Donating Clothes
  3. Donating Money
  4. Visiting Patients who are Sick
  5. Helping Animals
  6. Helping People who are Elderly
  7. Teaching
  8. Standing up for a Good Cause
  9. Surprising People with Something Unexpected
  10. Smiling at Everyone Everyday



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