Social Circle: Full Circle

Our Story
*  A Fresh Approach to Lifestyle

We believe that things have gotten so specialized that this hyper-focus has become an inconvenience. We suggest going back to a holistic approach: One Social Life with many dimensions. We believe that every individual has more than one interest and is part of a larger network…

A college student may want to plan for a weekend date, but may also need to plan for a parent’s visit, all while drawing an activity plan for the children she babysits. She could find everything she needs all in one place:

For somewhere to go, our A Social Sampling of Events; for a theme to celebrate, one of our Special Social Calendars.

* Social Butterfly, Pseudo Celebrity

Our mascot, Social Butterfly, Pseudo Celebrity – Steward of our Brand – will follow our Special Social Calendars and attend events. Fans won’t want to miss a photo op to be SEEN and SOCIAL with this Butterfly.

She made her debut on the run way at Pittsburgh Fashion Week 2015 and made sure Pittsburgh was present in 2016 with Social Butterfly Magazine Fashion Week Downtown. Plans are underway for Fashion Week Downtown Junior Fashion Show (under 21) at CAPA on September 23, 2017 presented by Social Butterfly Magazine!