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October, November, and December always seem to run into and over each other, having us celebrating Halloween with Day of the Dead, while decorating for Christmas and eating pumpkin pie.  There are even comic strips that poke fun at the chaos.  I saw one that had a turkey yelling at Santa to get in the back of the line and wait his turn. The present seems non – existent, as we are either trying to change the past or control the future.  Neither of which is possible.

At SBM, we always look back in our Social Seen, not to change, but to remember where we were last month, and reminisce.   We always look ahead in Social Expectations – not to control but to remain optimistic that there will be more good times ahead too.  While we still offer those in this issue, we also offer a message about Presence.

Please take time to enjoy the NOW this holiday season with your family and friends.  Read in Social Psychology some ways to practice being present and reap the rewards for your efforts. Presence is the best gift we can give (and receive!) this holiday season.

When we think of holidays around here, we think of KIDS!  This month for Social Soles, we interviewed Addie and Jillian, You Tube Influencers and Candy and Toy experts – Our first Kid interview! Their father and mother: Bob and Tommie are the creators of the channel.  Our Kid Contributors were present to ask questions and have fun with the girls.  Read the super exciting interview, and you will smile.  Bob and Tommie added to the conversation, “producing the videos keeps our family close as we work, travel, and have fun together.”  They were also spontaneous enough to film the Mannequin Challenge with our office staff.  Be sure to check that out on YouTube!

Animals are probably the best teachers of “presence”.  Just think of how our dogs and cats will lie all day while we rub their bellies.  Not a care in the world…  We had a couple of opportunities to BE with them this month.  Check out our Social Animal.

We had festive fun when it came to our Fun, Fashion, and Food Flatlays.  December is full of celebrations, and having ideas on what to wear, and what to eat for each what to do - only adds to the excitement.

Be sure to social with us daily on Social Media. The Social Sisters have taken over our platforms, and we are having even more fun.  We added to our list.  You gotta check out all the change ups!

We will see you out and about, here and there, and on social media, but the next time we see you in a new issue, it will be a new year.  Until then – enjoy every last drop of 2016! 


To (y)our happy holiday season…




Moop LLCmoop-15-edit

Canvas Bags

429 First Ave
Suite 100
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

moop-8Moop, established in 2007.

Moop bags are designed and hand manufactured, start to finish, in the Pittsburgh studio.

The team is small but talented  and  is committed to small batch manufacturing.



An Izakaya (Japanese Pub) dedicated to Umami flavors

297 Beverly Rd
Pittsburgh, PA 15216

umai-62UMAI located in Mt. Lebanon. Umai can be described in quick blurbs, because you will want to stuff your mouth, and its not polite to talk with your mouth full!





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socialsoles_headingInterviewed by Kiley Fischer


The Social Soles interview series is based on the saying, “You don’t really know someone until you have walked in her shoes.” We thought it would be interesting to begin each interview asking our guest to bring a pair of shoes that are significant to her.  They can be her first pair ever; The little ones she learned how to walk in; The ones she wore in her first YouTube video; The pair she was wearing when she received her first YouTube Button (Silver) for 100,000 Subscribers; The pair she was wearing when she received her (Gold) YouTube Button for 1,000,000 Subscribers; Those she wore when she attended her first VidCon; A pair we would have never guessed...What shoes will she bring?

We associate shoes with memories: good and bad. The question steers the path of the conversation. This route will show us a side usually not seen in the one we are talking with. A more personal side. We are excited to see in which direction we are lead – by the choice in footwear and the memories stirred. Come. Let’s take a walk…

December always seems to take us back to our childhoods.  To times where everything stirred excitement, and days were full of candy, toys and hopes for a white Christmas. This December, we welcome our first kids to Social Soles, YouTube Sensations and Candy and Toy Experts:  Addie and Jillian from babyteeth4 and Babyteeth More. Their parents, Bob and Tommie, came along for the walk!

babyteeth4_socialsoles_dec2016_01Social Butterfly Magazine: Tell me about the shoes you brought today!

Addie (who brought her leopard print boots): Well, I like boots and I also like a lot of animal prints, so that’s why I brought them.

SBM: So they’re basically your very favorite shoes.

Addie: Yeah!

SBM: How about your shoes, Jillian?

Jillian (who brought her favorite sneakers): I wear them every day because at one point I couldn’t wear flat shoes.

SBM: They look super comfy.

Jillian: They are.

(Bob explains that comfort is important to Jillian.)

(Jillian explains how although she loves comfort, she also cleans up nicely when going to a fancy event. She likes pink, too!)

SBM: Do you have any favorite memories while you were wearing them?

Addie: I wear them everywhere.

SBM: They definitely look like adventure shoes.

(Tommie explains that Addie is constantly on the move.)

Jillian: Not really, just every day.

SBM: If your shoes could talk, what would they say?

Addie: “Wear me!”

Jillian: It depends on if I were wearing them or not.

SBM: So if you were wearing them –

Jillian: (covers her mouth and makes muffled noises)

SBM: And if they were in your closet?

Jillian: Get me out of here!

SBM: Of all of the really cool things that you’ve gotten to do, what’s your favorite memory?

Addie: At Legoland, they have these driving things, but it’s not on a track or anything, you can drive wherever you want. I got my driver’s license there.

SBM: If you could pick anyone else’s shoes to walk in – if you could have experiences that someone else has had – who’s shoes would you want to walk in?

Addie: Santa!

SBM: I like the way she thinks!

Addie: I would be really happy and eating cookies. There would be elves, too, and I could talk to elves. I could even see my Elf on the Shelf that I have.

Jillian: You could do so many cool things. On Christmas, you could give the kids you don’t like coal!

SBM: I feel like Santa on Christmas would be a lot of work. Would you rather be Santa on Christmas Eve or on an off-day?

Addie: The day after Christmas because I heard they have a big party to celebrate and then the next day they all go back to work.babyteeth4_socialsoles_dec2016_02

Jillian: I had one before, but now I’m having second thoughts. I definitely wouldn’t want to be someone who wears high heels every day, because that would be uncomfortable. (Thinks a little longer.) Albert Einstein.

SBM: Ooh!

Jillian: I could get into his head and be like (gasps) “my brain hurts.”

SBM: That would be so cool. Okay, since you’re the toy and candy experts, what is the best candy you have ever tried?

Addie: Swediiiiiiish Fiiiiiiiish!

Jillian: I can’t do that! I can’t do that at all.

SBM: What about a top five?

Jillian: Junior Mints; all Japanese gum because it’s super soft; Hi-Chew.

SBM: So you guys just got your YouTube Gold Button. What did you guys think when you got that?

Jillian: I was like, “Yeah, a Gold Button, okay. It’s nice!”

Addie: I was like, “Yeaaaaah!”

(Bob teases the girls, reminding them how excited they were when the box came. He also explains how the family was in Anaheim, California for VidCon – surrounded by fellow friends and creators who appreciated the milestone the most – when they passed the 1,000,000-subscriber mark.)


SBM: What was VidCon like? I’m a huge fan of Hank and John Green and have always wanted to go.

Jillian: It’s like “AHHH.” You walk in and you’re like, “AHHH.” And the next day you wake up and you’re still like “AHHH.” And the third day you’re like, “It’s nice.”

Addie: I like going to the different places and seeing what they have.

(Tommie compares VidCon to Disneyland for YouTubers.)

SBM: Is it weird when you go to a Con and people come up to you and recognize you?

Jillian: It’s like “Hiiiiiiiii!” (She waves awkwardly.)

Addie: One person will stop and look and then another person is like “what’s going on?” and then they stop and look.

Jillian: This year, we have more subscribers, but there were also more people there because there was a focus on gamers.

SBM: That has to be cool to meet people who are watching you, though.

Jillian: It is. And then we got to meet some YouTubers that we watch.

SBM: Wow! Who are your favorite YouTubers?

Jillian: LDShadowLady, stacyplays, Aphmau.

Addie: GEM Sisters. We met them and then we became obsessed with them. They were fans of us and now we’re fans of them.

(Addie and Jillian were featured at VidCon in a way they weren’t expecting. Bob explained that in a keynote presentation about the trends of the past year – in which unboxing videos continued to be big – Jillian and Addie were included.)

To keep to the theme of Christmas taking us back to childhood, the Social Sisters also had a chance to ask Jillian and Addie questions.

Social Sister Savannah: What was your favorite convention?

Addie: ToyFair.

Jillian: VidCon!babyteeth4_socialsoles_dec2016_03

(Bob explains that ToyFair is an industry event where children are only permitted if invited – which Jillian and Addie were. Tommie said while the event is shrouded in secrecy, the girls were able to get a sneak peek.)

Jillian: I saw the Hatchimals eggs before they came out. I was so frustrated until they came out because I couldn’t say anything.

Social Sister Scarlett: What’s your favorite amusement park?

Addie: (squeals) LEGOLAND!

Jillian: Universal Studios.

Addie: I really like the Jurassic Park one.

SBM: Any plans for the future?

Addie: I want to try the Eat It or Wear It challenge.

(In that challenge, you’re given a food item with two options: eat it or wear it. It can get pretty messy. The girls agree: no more Beanboozled!)

Jillian: I’ve eaten grass – it doesn’t taste like that. It tastes like salad.

Go to SBM’s You Tube Channel to check out The Mannequin Challenge that Jillian and Addie took part in at the Cocoon with The Social Sisters and SBM Staff.

For more of Jillian and Addie, check out their YouTube channels babyteeth4 and Babyteeth More. They’ll be posting a video every day in December as part of their “December to Remember” special feature. You can also find them on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook

Check out the Social Kids Calendar Here!



Waiting for Santa


NutCracker Family Jammies


For Santa & His Reindeer

Fashion: 1,2. NutCracker family Jammies (Target Holiday)

Food: 1. Milk (For Santa) 2. Fresh Carrots (for Reindeer) 3. Note (For Santa) 4. GingerBread Cookies (For Santa)


David Alan Fashion Show
David Alan Fashion Show

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David Alan
Fashion Show

Zoo Boo

The Woodlands Butterfly Ball

Pet Expo

16th Annual Gala to Benefit the Autism Connection of PA
Autism Connection of PA

Girl Scouts of Southwestern PA Gold Award 100th Anniversary Reception

Pittsburgh Musical Theater Gala

Wizard World
Comic Con


Day Flag


Pittsburgh Tea Festival

Bark and Bowl 5.0

Full Tea 1800s
Log House

2nd Annual Chocolate Bar

Third Thursday

Jr League of PGH American Girl Fashion Show

WISH 99.7 Winter Wonderland

Christmas at PPG Place

WPXI Holiday Parade



Holiday Recital


Music Themed Dresses


Show Snacks

Fashion: 1. Piano Key Ruffle Dress (Hot Topic) 2. Get Up and Go Go Bootie (Modcloth) 3,4. Fashionista Necklace (Breakers Boutique, Hotel Breakers) 5. Grey & Black Music Note Dress (Hot Topic) 6. Silver Sling Backs (6th and Lane) 7. The Little Drummer Boy, Piano sheet Music 8. O Christmas Tree, Piano Sheet Music

Food: 1. Melt Away Mints (Hickory Farms) 2. Hot Coco Candy Canes (Target) 



Sunday, November 6, 2016 | Liberty Ave. and Wood St. | Downtown Pittsburgh, PA

Interviewed by Kiley Fischer

See more photos from Houdini 100 in our Photo Vault!

On November 6, 1916, Harry Houdini stunned the city of Pittsburgh by escaping from a straitjacket while suspended upside down above the intersection at Liberty Avenue and Wood Street in downtown. One hundred years later down to the hour, Pittsburgh native and acclaimed magician Lee Terbosic gave today’s Pittsburghers the same thrill by recreating the escape in Houdini 100. We had the opportunity to speak to Lee in the weeks leading up to the event.

Social Butterfly Magazine: On your website, it says you first got involved with magic when you were 12 after you saw your cousin perform at a family party. What did Robin do that really sparked your interest in wanting to learn magic?

Lee: Early on, it was not only seeing him perform, it was going to the library and checking out books on magic. This all came about from a photo of Harry in a book doing the stunt in downtown Pittsburgh.

SBM: This is your hometown. What went through your mind when you first saw the picture of Houdini suspended above downtown Pittsburgh?

I didn’t think it was real to be honest with you. I saw this beautiful black and white image and people looking up and him hanging upside down from the building. It said “The Pittsburg Post” behind him, dated Nov. 16, 1916. I didn’t think it was real. I didn’t think it was actually Pittsburgh. I called Rick Sebak and did some of my homework on it. When I authenticated it, it went from not only an idea, but “this might be doable."

See more photos from Houdini 100 in our Photo Vault!

SBM: What did your friends and family say when you told them what you wanted to do?

Lee: They all thought I was insane. They already thought I was crazy because being a full-time magician is already kind of crazy. They've supported me since I started out on this journey.

SBM: When did all of the planning for this really come about?

Lee: It came to fruition about five years ago when I saw the image. Then about two and a half years ago, I approached Mayor Peduto and said I wanted to replicate it and he pointed out that it was also the bicentennial of our beautiful city and they officially made it a bicentennial event.

See more photos from Houdini 100 in our Photo Vault!

SBM: There have been so many big name magicians, like Houdini, throughout history. Who has been the most influential in your career?

Lee: My career has been influenced by my mentor and fellow
Pittsburgh magician Paul Gertner. He was one of the first I really got to connect with. He’s one of the best in the world. Having him close to home and being able to pick his brain, he’s been super significant in my life. Guys like Penn & Teller, Matt King. Every magician kind of has someone.

What do you hope your hometown crowd, as well as others, get from Houdini 100?

Lee: I hope it inspires some people. I hope it shows that as big as these ideas can be, they can be doable. That’s what Pittsburghers do - we’re hard workers and pull off the impossible. I’m trying to get as close as I can to how Harry did it 100 years ago, to the day, in the city I love.


Check out the Social History Calendar here!



Social Animal Christmas


Christmas Jammies & Santa Baby Outfits


Blue Buffalo Special
Christmas Treats

Fashion: 1. Ugly Sweater Jammie (Target Holiday) 2. Candy Cane Jammie (Target Holiday) 3. Santa  Baby Dresses  (PetSmart) 4. Santa Baby Hats (PetSmart)

Food: Blue Buffalo 1. Santa Stew Holiday Feast 2. Santa Snacks Crunchy Dog Biscuits Kringle's Cookies



Sunday, October 9, 2016 | Hotel Monaco | Downtown Pittsburgh, PA

Interviewed by Kiley Fischer

See more Photos from Fearless Warrior Yoga Conference in our Photo Vault!

In your profile for the conference, you say the idea for the conference manifested “after spending countless hours cheering on her yoga students as they bypassed their fears to go upside down.” What have you seen through at the conference itself that has given you that same sense of exhilaration?

The conference itself has taken it to this level I didn’t even know existed. I was at a workshop and I had gone through several years of figuring out what my career should be. My students were terrified of inversions and I loved being upside down. They were so scared and there was so much fear. I thought I’d do a workshop on inversions. A lightbulb went off – there’s fears surrounding so many things we do in life. I have friends who do things every day that would scare the sh*t out of everyone else, and for good reason. I thought, “These people deal with fear and how can they bypass those fears?”

(During the first Fearless Warrior Conference) I kind of sat back and watched and what I saw was people becoming a community and finding that the space was a completely safe area. There’s no judgement. People came in leggings with no makeup and their hair in buns. Guys came in workout clothes. People were completely supportive and talking and digging deep.

The point is to begin that exploration and look within ourselves and see what those fears are. For a lot of us, we don’t even know what we’re afraid of. Let’s see how we can move forward.

See more Photos from Fearless Warrior Yoga Conference in our Photo Vault!

Can you talk a little more about how fear is instrumental to success?

One of the mantras I saw years ago when I started teaching is “the magic happens outside of our comfort zone.” Our family, our job, the same sport we’ve been playing since we were young. Outside of that, where fear makes us super uncomfortable, is where amazing things start happening. We have to acknowledge that fear. That’s where we can really move the mountains we’re intended to in our lives. People stay with that 9 to 5 job, that relationship that they’re in, whatever has made them comfortable. Moving the fear out of the way and jumping on that train or that plane or out of that relationship, you taking that risk is really what will change our lives and inspire others around us.

What do you hope conference-goers get from their experience?

The people who are coming back, they’re going to see that the program has ramped up big time. It’s a totally different conference. Other than that, the mission is the same: safely exploring the energies that feed the fear in our lives using yoga, meditation and storytelling. People new to the conference will feel the effects of the conference for weeks on end. It won’t just disappear. Even if they walk away that day and think “I don’t really know what just happened” I’m sure they will find there’s something that will spark within them, even if it’s just connecting with other people. Connection and sharing is what I find to be one of the most pivotal things in life, especially the things that are hard to talk about. The candid, the raw, the gross. That’s what it’s about. Just being really raw.

See more Photos from Fearless Warrior Yoga Conference in our Photo Vault!

Why is it so important to remember that “you can always change your mind?”

We have our own mantras or meditations or mottos. We forget about it for a while and then it comes back. In this moment for me, that is the idea that we can do this perspective shift. That will show up for people in a variety of different ways. The biggest one is my baby, but I just moved again and had a little community where I was before. I thought, “Why aren’t people contacting me?”  It took me a couple of months, and something connected for me – she’s got stuff going on. So I changed my perspective and said, “I should reach out to her.” The question of how is a whole different ball game and I can’t even do it for myself all the time. You can be thinking one way but there’s a way to alter that.

Any plans for a 2017 Fearless Warrior Conference here in Pittsburgh or an expansion?

We’re really excited. We will be talking to the (Hotel Monaco) about having the 2017 conference in the same spot. We’re also working on expanding to different cities in the northeast. Our goal is to expand to the point that we are at multiple spots throughout the US and hold the conference the same weekend. That way our presenters are all local. The attendees are local. We are really supportive of the community. We don’t want to be competing with ourselves or other conferences. There’s so much talent and expert and knowledge in one city. We have amazing people in every city, there are people who have something to add. I want to be local. If you want to take a class with a presenter, you can say “I don’t need to travel,” because they’re available. 


Check out the Social Wellness & Awareness Calendar here!


1. Redneck Christmas Tree (Big Lots) 2. Private Bathroom Sign (Five Below) 3. Princess Parking Sign (Five Below) 4. Singing Snowman Bathroom Buddy (Hallmark) 5. V.I.Poo Air Wick Spray (from a retailer near you)



Holiday Dinner:

Hanukkah  |  Christmas  |  Kwanzaa  |  Orthodox Christmas


Holiday Cheer


Home Cooked, Family Style Holiday Dinner

Fashion: 1. Two Tone Shag Coat (6th and Lane) 2. Black Pleated Dress (6th and Lane) 3. Purple Men's Dress Shirt (Geoffrey Beene) 4. Stripes Tie (Geoffrey Beene) 5,6. Jewelry (Charming Charlie) 7. S) 8. Tall Faux Snake Skin Wedge Boots (6th and Lane)

Food: 1. Flaky Biscuits 2. Salad (Arugula, Heart of Palm, Avocados, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Toasted Pine Nuts, Lemon and Orange Dressing) 3. Holiday Table Setting 4. Whole Foods Prepared Selection: Roasted Chicken (Everyone in this Holiday House - except one - is vegetarian, so the meat was prepared outside of the home and brought in) 5. Poinsettia and Evergreen Centerpiece 6. Mama’s Sweet Potato Souffle’ (Recipe) 7. Augrauten Potatoes 8. French Cut Green Beans




Entree & Decor:


Side Dishes:



By Faith Bennett, Licensed Psychotherapist

The best gift we can offer someone is presence.  I always tell my kids that when I am talking to them and they are looking at a screen (social media, movie, video, ...) that they are not being present. They try to convince me that THEIR brains can do more than one thing at a time. That they can hear me, and continue to do what they were doing – no problem.

They even try to “compliment” my work ethic, by telling me how great I am at multi-tasking (this redirecting technique only works when I am trying to get them to listen.  When they want my attention, multitasking no longer seems like an admirable skill!) Not being present can be hurtful, making the one who is trying to connect – feel like “less than”.  It also hurts the one who is not being present, by maintaining a disconnect.

I give them an example to try to explain to them how things really happen. I tell them that computers were modeled after the human brain.  If you strike the keyboard, hitting on more than one key, only one will register.  One at a time.  You can hit keys rapidly, one after the other, but only one at a time will register.  The same is true with so called: multitasking.  Rapid succession, but still, one at a time.  This is why texting and driving, playing with the radio and driving, eating and driving are all dangerous.  The brain can process only one demand at a time.

How many times have we said or been asked: Are you listening?  Are you paying attention?  We can get better at being present by practicing. By paying attention and spending time.  Thinking of today, not yesterday or tomorrow.  Admitting that no one is really capable of multi-tasking.  Attention to one task will lack while focusing on another. 

Don’t miss today, thinking about tomorrow.  It is not a good investment of time and attention. We can’t change the past, and we can’t control the future, we have the most influence over the present.  It would seem the most logical place to invest.

Practice with no one around, so that when the ones you love are near, you can be present with them:

Breathe in TODAY -  the present. What does it LOOK like, SOUND like, SMELL like, TASTE like, FEEL like?  

Pay Attention. What are you doing at this moment right now? –  Say that you are eating your favorite holiday treat. What does it look like? How does it sound as you bite into it and chew? What does it smell like? How does it taste?  What does it feel like in your mouth? Try to only eat your treat enjoying everything about it. (If your mind starts to try and figure what is for dinner, how will you get your shopping done,… Go back to your senses and your treat… Practice)

Not being present is easy and automatic.  There are people to see, places to go, things to be done,… Practice being mindful of the Present.

Get caught up in the moment - Literally caught up in time as it moves forward. Let your thoughts move with your breath in space. When the mind wanders, remember your breath will carry you back. Leave the past where it happened and the future out of reach.

Set time aside.  Make a date with yourself to practice these techniques.  30 minutes here and there. Practice makes progress. It will become easier and more natural for you, and when you are asked to spend time with your child, partner, friend, they will appreciate the gift of your presence and you will both benefit from your efforts.  When we give, we receive. 


Check out the Social Psychology Calendar here!




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