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At, we are all about maintaining balance: balance of coverage of “all things social” for all ages and interests, balance in the way we tell someone else’s story (Interviews), balance in covering events, not just from Pittsburgh central, but North, East, West and South (NEWS) of the city. We maintain this equilibrium for our readers by collecting personal information so that we can provide Pittsburgh a wide variety of event options and social sharing experience, while simultaneously protecting that same information.

Please understand how we maintain this stability:

We promise not to sell, trade or share your personal information.

By subscribing to you are expressing interest in our Special Social Calendars, reminders, contests, behind the scenes, special offers… we need your email address so we can make sure you have access to all of that goodness.

We may request additional information so we can better understand what you are interested in and in what areas you social the most.

If you decide (which we can’t imagine happening) you no longer want to be a part of our social movement, you may unjoin and we will respectfully remove the information you shared with us. shares social happenings for every age and interest, but is meant for readers 18 and over. We hope those under 18 will request adult/parent/guardian supervision. If makes any changes to her privacy policy, those changes will be posted in this section.

EDITORIAL POLICY chooses content that correlates with its Social Sampling of Events and that it feels its readers will enjoy.

We look forward to being social with you and yours.